Move in/out cleaning

What we do

  • Kitchen
    • Grease removal from walls
    • Thorough cleaning of all cabinetry
  • Manual scrubbing of total floor area*
  • Internal window washing for apartments
  • Internal & external window washing for villas
  • Cleaning of doors, wardrobes and other wooden fixtures
  • Washing & Disinfection of bathrooms
  • Thorough dusting & vacuuming of entire property
  • Balcony & Rails: Washing & Dusting
  • Villas: Pressure washing of paved areas


  • General Deep Clean Packages start from AED 200 for a studio flat and can go up to AED 1500 for a 4 standard bedroom villa
  • Deluxe Deep Cleaning Packages start from AED 1500 for a studio flat and can go up to AED 8000 for a standard 4 bedroom villa

Above prices are approximate, however these can only be confirmed after either a site survey or discussion with customer.

Important notes

  • Customer must ensure DEWA connection at the property on day of service
  • *Please note that manual scrubbing does not guarantee removal of all stains from the floor. In some cases the stains have penetrated under the surface of the tiles and no amount of scrubbing can remove these. They may become lighter. You will be advised about this by the supervisor at the start of the assignment.
  • **Please note that machine scrubbing is a lot more effective than manual scrubbing as the machine's rotating scrubs loosen and remove stains more effectively. However in some cases deep stains are impossible to remove completely
  • Chemicals & equipment are part of the package. Unused dusting cloths, mops, janitorial buckets, ladders and commercial vacuum cleaners are part of the equipment provided. Floor cleaners, toilet disinfectants & Floor cleaners are some of the chemicals amongst others used for deep cleaning.